Escalator and Lift Removal

Escalator and Lift Removal

Expert lift removal / demolition in Sydney

Most of Australia’s elevators are over 30-40 years old and are in need of upgrades or complete removal. Perfect Contracting offer the complete lift removal services from buildings. We provide everything you need to have your Lift / Dumb waiter removed, from Riggers to perform the work itself to trucks and machines to dispose of the lift car. Here are just a few Lifts / Escalator removal services we off to the greater Sydney Metro Area: Door Frame removal Strip / Remove lift Car Motor Room Strip-out Hoardings Removal of all shaft equipment Lift pit gear removal Ropes Compensator Rope Removal Governor Rope Removal Traveling Cables Floor Selector Tapes Concrete Cutting At Perfect Contracting, we foster a culture of high performance and continuous improvement. Our manager’s lead by example, implementing measures to ensure all outputs meet time, cost and quality deliverables. We manage all aspects of your demolition Sydney job, including: Tender Scope of work Project plan schedule WHS management Quality management Resource management Risk management Equipment procurement Waste management No matter the size of the lift / dumb waiter strip out, we always provide a fast, effective service. While onsite, we maintain an environment that is safe through strict adherence to WHS standards and government regulations. Do you require experienced lift removal specialists? Contact us for an obligation-free quote on (02) 8021 1784
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Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling Sydney

Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling Sydney

Concrete Cutting & Drilling is another service Perfect can provide.
Perfect Contracting offers the most effective, efficient and friendly concrete cutting & drilling service Sydney wide. Also known as diamond core drilling, concrete sawing, concrete removal and core hole drilling, concrete cutting and sawing is suitable for materials such as brick concrete, stone and most rock types. Visit Perfect Concrete Care website So, for services such as concrete coring, concrete drilling, concrete cutting, concrete scanning, concrete sawing and road sawing, we are available now at highly competitive prices. Call Perfect Contracting today for a quote or more information about our specialised concrete cutting and concrete drilling service!
Specialised concrete cutting and coring equipment
Perfect Contracting offers a huge range of efficient concrete cutting saws and drills, suitable for a range of depths. From a single core hole to major demolition work, we provide electric and petrol-powered concrete cutting and concrete coring tools for commercial projects and large-scale industrial jobs.
Skilled operators
It’s our job to make your job as easy as possible which is why all our concrete cutting and drilling equipment are run by qualified operators. With many years of technical experience, our friendly team will ensure your job is completed on time to the quality standards you would expect from a perfect contractor.
Get a quick quote! Call Perfect Contracting today on 0420 577 622
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Detail Demolition & Strip Outs

Detail Demolition & Strip Outs

Detail Demolition & Strip Outs in Sydney
Perfect Contracting is an expert Licensed Demolition Contractor (License No: AD 211 896) who perform small, medium and large demolition projects in the Sydney Metro Area. Detail Demolition & Strip Outs services are a high-risk construction activity, so it’s important to have a capable and responsible team to ensure the safe delivery of your house or building demolition job. At Perfect Contracting, we’ve managed hundreds of strip outs and debris removal projects, as well as commercial interior and structural demolition Sydney wide. We can quickly coordinate highly experienced teams, allocate premium equipment, implement efficient and cost-effective waste management processes and provide end-to-end project management. Here are just a few of the demolition services we provide in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, the Central Coast and Wollongong:
  • Concrete demolition
  • Concrete Cutting
  • Structural Demolition
  • Full knock downs of buildings
  • Penetrations in concrete slabs
  • Silent concrete demolition
  • Windows and door openings
  • Commercial strip outs
  • Propping of walls
  • Structural steel installations
  • Bathroom demolition
  • Kitchen demolition
  • Remedial demolition
  • Remedial works
  • Water proofing removal
  • Residential partial demo
  • Propping of slabs
At Perfect Contracting, we foster a culture of high performance and continuous improvement. Our manager's lead by example, implementing measures to ensure all outputs meet time, cost and quality deliverables. We manage all aspects of your demolition Sydney job, including:
  • Tender
  • Scope of work
  • Project plan schedule
  • WHS management
  • Quality management
  • Resource management
  • Risk management
  • Equipment procurement
  • Waste management
No matter the size of the strip out, house or building demolition, we always provide a fast and effective service. Perfect Contracting can also efficiently perform detailed partial strip outs or ‘back to concrete’ strip outs of residential, commercial or industrial properties. This may include the demolition of internal elements of a building like kitchens, bathrooms office and commercial premises. While onsite, we maintain an environment that is safe through strict adherence to WHS standards and government regulations.
Do you need an experienced demolition contractor?
Contact us for an obligation-free quote on (02) 8021 1784
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Asbestos and Hazardous Waste Removal

Asbestos and Hazardous Waste Removal

Fast, safe removal of asbestos by licensed professionals Perfect Contracting is Licensed for Bonded Asbestos Removal: License No. –  AD212250 Worryingly enough, Australia has the second-highest rate of asbestos related deaths in the world. Due to this alarming statistic, it is incredibly important to use a team of skilled asbestos removal experts. Every building built before 1989 likely contains some form of asbestos building product – most likely asbestos cement sheeting. Our Supervisors are fully qualified for Bonded Asbestos Removal and follow the Australian Code of Practice when removing asbestos. All of our team members undergo Health Checks every 12 months as we here at Perfect Contracting strive to ensure our team members work in a safe work environment, as Asbestos removal is a serious operation. If you find asbestos, never try to remove it yourself. As a it is a banned substance with serious health risks, it is covered by stringent safe handling and management procedures under Australian law. As we own and operate our own machinery, we can reduce the asbestos removal cost, while providing a secure, safe and effective service. For the best asbestos removal Sydney wide, contact Perfect Contracting today! Why Perfect Contracting? When dealing with a dangerous product like asbestos, you don’t want to cut corners. The safest way to manage asbestos is to employ the services of a professional, licensed removalist like Perfect Contracting. We are fully insured and have a Work Cover Asbestos Class B Licence. Our experienced team are educated and equipped to protect you and the community from the toxic dust and fibres caused by asbestos. Book a qualified asbestos removalist now Perfect Contracting can organise the removal, safe transport and disposal of asbestos in accordance with EPA regulations, servicing residential homes, business premises, industrial buildings and construction sites across NSW. Call (02) 8021 1784 to speak to our team today
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Site Remediation & Site Cleaning

Site Remediation & Site Cleaning

Advanced systems and safety processes to protect the community and the environment
Are you looking for a site remediation and site cleaning service that is comprehensive, fast and efficient? Perfect Contracting has been cleaning sites with soil contamination for many years. With a range of treatment processes available, our site cleaning techniques are second to none.Through innovative technologies, our reliable team carry out the site remediation and cleaning of contaminated soil and land in line with EPA regulations. We can provide assessment, project management services, site remediation and cleaning across categories that include:
  • Contaminated site remediation
  • Chemical immobilisation of soils
  • Asbestos management, removal and disposal
  • Service station and underground fuel tank decommissioning and removal
  • Sludge and sediment stabilisation
  • Enhanced bioremediation
  • Contaminated soil removal and off-site disposal
  • Acid sulphate soil management
  • Containment cell construction (lining, drainage and capping)
  • Groundwater cut-off walls
  • Civil construction, sundry demolition and landscaping works as part of remediation projects
For the very best site remediation and site cleaning services in Sydney, use Perfect Contracting today.
Want to know more?
Call (02) 8021 1784 to speak with one of our team today!
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Waste & Rubbish Removal

Waste & Rubbish Removal

Sustainable waste management in Sydney
Waste management and rubbish removal is part and parcel with any construction or demolition project. And with waste levels on the rise, it’s more important than ever to utilise the best service for waste management Sydney wide. Perfect Contracting is that service. In Perfect Contracting we are committed to recycling 100% of all building waste taken from projects. We Recycle:
  • Clean Gyprock
  • Clean Timber
  • Clean Brick and Concrete
To do so Perfect has purchased a number of skip bins which are used for Recycling everyday on projects where our team members can separate materials to avoid double handling. Perfect Contracting is committed to an environmentally-responsible approach to rubbish and removal. With many years of experience with waste management, we’ve seen first hand the impact destructive and inefficient processes can have on the environment - which is why we follow a Restrictive Waste Management Policy based on the “3 Rs”: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. For superior rubbish removal and waste management, call Perfect Contracting today. We remove waste and rubbish from:
  • Household
  • Commercial
  • Fitouts
  • Skip Bin Hire
  • Strata Management clean up
  • Vegetation Removal
  • Construction Site Waste Removal
Perfect Contracting has had years of experience working with councils, government, commercial and residential clients on waste management. Our services are professional and reliable. For businesses located within the Sydney metropolitan area, we provide same day delivery at competitive prices that include trucks and tip fees. Unlike other contracting companies, we also have our own EPA-approved waste management recovery centres. Equipped with the latest technology, we divert as much waste from landfill as possible.
Get a quote today
Choose a company that is dedicated to the reduction of waste and the management of resources in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner.
Call us today for a project assessment on (02) 8021 1784
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Make Goods & De-fits

Make Goods & De-fits

Office "make good", shop or restaurant de-fit
If you’re a commercial property owner, manager or tenant who is relocating or ending a lease, you need to “make good” the premises before handing back the keys. The make good requirements for a property are generally covered contractually by the terms of your lease. But even if you don’t have a shop or office make good clause, a landlord may still be able to take legal action against you if the property isn’t returned in good condition. That’s why it’s important to hire an experienced contractor like Perfect Contracting who takes pride in quality workmanship. Download Make Good & De-Fit Service Proposal
We specialise in:
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Buildings
  • ...and will restore your property to perfect.
Perfect Contracting understands the level of workmanship required for an office make good or shop de fit. We want to make the process of moving on and moving out of a store as simple as possible. If your office’s de fit is causing headaches, the expert team at Perfect Contracting can perform our service efficiently and effectively. From the initial condition report to the property handover, our qualified project managers organise:
  • Site visit
  • Tender and quote
  • Strip outs
  • Concrete grinding
  • Painting
  • Waste and rubbish removal
Equipment relocation services
Moving to a new property? We can pick up and drop off any joinery, furniture and other equipment to your new location. Easy. Contact us
Make good at the end of your lease, call us today on (02) 8021 1784 for an obligation-free quote.
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Emergency Make Safe

Emergency Make Safe

24/7 emergency make safe services for residential, commercial and industrial properties

Perfect Contracting offers 24/7 make safe services for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Unfortunately, you can’t predict when disaster strikes, which is why we operate a rapid response make safe service – day and night. Our highly skilled and reliable team will arrive onsite to secure your premises and prevent any additional damage. We follow rigorous safety procedures to minimise the risk of harm to tenants and the community until permanent repairs can be scheduled. In our experience, a quick response to emergency events such as storms, fires and floods, or criminal incidents like vandalism and robbery, can help protect your property from further damage and save you the cost of extra repairs.. Our emergency make-safe services The Perfect Contracting team have provided emergency make safe assistance to hundreds of clients, including:
    • Make-safe work to secure premises
    • Emergency plumbing services
    • Emergency electrical services
    • Tree felling
    • Urgent repair or install of building essentials (such as windows or locks)
    • Temporary fencing and warning signage
    • Assistance with insurance claims investigations
With many years experience, you can feel confident that our team will initiate a speedy response to restore a safe environment.
Call us anytime to speak to our on-call operators on (02) 8021 1784
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