Central Station – Demolition / Strip-out

Central Station – Demolition / Strip-out

Perfect Contracting are currently working for Pebblecrete in Situ PTY Ltd at Central Station. The scope of works includes floor tile demolition and removal in Central Station concourse to allow for installation of new tiles.

All works were completed after hours at night in a live public area. Firstly our team members established all equipment onto site and proceeded to setup our Zipwall Dust Control solutions. These prevent the spread of concrete dust created during the floor tiles strip-out and ensures the surrounding area is not affected.

Once our Zip-walls were in place and power was run to the work area, we began demolition straight away to ensure all works are completed by the end of the night to allow the concourse to be operational the following day.

So without delay out team members started the strip-out process. With two of team members on our big Hilti TE1500 ATC Jackhammers to smash up the tiles and break them up while two of our team members kept water sprayed at the Jackhammer bit. This water spraying is essential to stop the dust at it source and prevent it from rising.

The rest of our team members worked on removing the rubble from site as swiftly as possible with our hand bin and aluminum trolleys to wheel them straight out to our tipper truck in the loading bay.

Result: The works were completed ahead of schedule and the client was very happy with how efficient and fast we were.

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