Marrickville Meat Factory – Make Safe

Marrickville Meat Factory – Make Safe

  • Make Safe
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Detailed Demolition
  • Limited access
  • Asbestos Removal

Perfect Contracting preformed a make-safe for Johns Lyng Group at 11 Gerald Street in Marrickville. This Meat Factory burnt down and the structure was unsafe to be left standing.

The brick walls in the building was not intact, the front portion of the building was not structurally sound and there was no access into the building because of this. Fire dept used their trucks with boom lifts attached in them to assess the site from the top. When they tried to put out the fire in the beginning, they had to punch in a hole on the ceiling of the building and put in a water hose into the building. After the Fire Department declared that the fire was fully extinguished then Perfect were called in to make the site safe.

Due to the nature of the fire an investigation was necessary to determine the cause of the fire. First step was to make the site safe for Insurance Investigators to investigate the site. First day, we used the 20T excavator to demolish the front walls for access. Our team members made sure to protect the pipes as there were live services : Gas and water just beside the building. these were protected using timber on site. The front wall was nudged slightly for it to fall down as this wall was structurally unsafe and we needed it down to access the site for us to get in and start removing and demolishing. Sand bags were used to protect the services and drains near by to prevent fluids from the site flowing into these services and causing contamination to these services.

The meat was removed by hands as it is organic waste so we had to deal with it carefully. Our team members also found asbestos on site so this was removed this very carefully with our ticketed personnel. All the records was kept including vehicle regos for the trucks that carried the contaminated waste

All waste and rubbish was removed by Perfect Contracting with the use of one of our 18m3 Skip Bins. The Meat was hand loaded as this was organic waste so we had to be very careful with it. The Asbestos was removed by our ticketed personal in a safe manner with full Asbestos PPE worn by all.

With Perfect Groups three sub-divisions Perfect Concrete Care, Perfect Hire and Perfect Contracting we can seamlessly provide Demoliton, Labour Hire and Concrete Care services to our client all from one Company.

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