165 Philips Street – Progress Update

165 Philips Street – Progress Update

Perfect Contracting has been working at 165 Philips St after being commissioned by Richard Crookes to complete the demolition and strip-out of 5 stories of the old NSW Leagues Club in the City. The initial contract included the back to base strip-out of the 10 stories and extra work added along the way including Asbestos removal, Lift and Dumb waiter removal

  • Back to basic strip-out
  • Rubbish removal
  • Removal of wooden ceiling tiles
  • Limited access
  • Partition walls
  • Flooring
  • Fixed joinery and fixtures
  • Ceilings
  • Tiles and bathroom fixtures
  • Raised floors and landings
  • Dumb waiter removal
  • Lift removal
  • Awning Removal on Elizabeth St side
  • Asbestos Removal

Work started on this project started in July and we now have approximately 85% of works complete. The scope of work included back to base strip-out of 10 stories of the building. So far we have completed the strip-out of Levels 1- 5 upper grounds to lower ground with works still ongoing on the basement levels.


Asbestos Removal

When we started carrying out works back in August we discovered approximately 220m2 of Asbestos on the Western Fire Stairs on the building, we notified Work Cover immediately and engaged AirSafe PTY Ltd to test for Asbestos to ensure we were correct about our preliminary discovery.

After getting a positive report back from AirSafe we proceeded to plan out how to safely remove the asbestos. We submitted our methodologies to the client for approval before we proceeded with the removal of the Asbestos.


Our methodologies for removal of Asbestos were:

  • Tools/Equipment Used – Jackhammer – Hilti 800, Vinyl Blades, PVA Glue, Spray Bottles
  • Signage: Asbestos Removal in Progress Signs we put up prior to commencement of any asbestos removal works. “Asbestos Working Area – No Authorized Entry” signs were put up on all fire doors. These signs were used on all levels – L9 to UG Level and will be put up on the inside of the door to make aware all personnel in the building regarding asbestos removal works.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Disposable Coveralls, Masks with Class P2 Filter, Disposable Gloves and protective eye-wear.

Occupational Health and Safety: Relevant SWMS were provided to Richard Crookes regarding the removal of asbestos. A Toolbox Talk was held prior to commencement of works. Licensed asbestos removal supervisor was available on site or was contactable at all times during the removal works. Inductions papers were signed by all working on site.

  • Method of Removal: After setting up barricades and exclusion zones on site, Hilti Jackhammer with Vinyl blades were used to jack hammer and remove the tiles with the bonded asbestos. We placed the vinyl blade attached on the jackhammer between the tiles and lifted the tile away from the floor, being careful to minimise breakage. We minimised the dust by spraying water mist under the tiles as they were lifted.

Our team members ensured that all dust and debris were contained within the stairs as there was not to be any doors left open during the removal works. The removal works started from Level 9 and we worked our way down to UG. Once the vinyl tiles are removed from the stairs, they were carefully be picked and put in 200 µm plastic waste bag or suitable alternative waste container dedicated for asbestos waste that is clearly labelled with an appropriate warning sign indicating asbestos waste.

We then ensured that the bags were totally sealed twice, prior to sending it to designated asbestos tipping waste site. All dockets were maintained and records kept of the amount of the asbestos and the relevant tip site where it was tipped.

Dumb waiter / Elevator Removal

We also performed elevator removal dismantling the entire lift shaft as we went, completely removing the elevator from Elizabeth Street side of the building. The methodologies were carefully planned out for this elevator removal to establish the fastest and safest way of performing this elevator extraction.

Our methodologies for Dumb Waiter & Lift Removal:

Our first objective while performing the Dumb Waiter / Lift removal was to land counterweight in lift pit. We then connected existing lift car to chain block and lower to lift pit where lift car will sit on lift car buffer. We then removed the lift car, lift motor room equipment, lift pit gear, ropes, compensator ropes, governor ropes, floor selector tapes and traveling cables and disposed of them all.



Awning Removal

Perfect were also contracted to complete the Awning removal from the Elizabeth St side of the building. We began by carefully planning our methodologies and seeking permits from the City Council as this awning was on City Property.



Occupational Health and Safety: Harnesses on Anchors. As discussed with the City of Sydney Council, it was not a problem to retain a part of the awning for removal on a later date if remaining parts were structurally safe.

Traffic Control Measure: Footpath Closures were organised by Richard Crookes

Scope of Work: Remove existing awning including all exterior cladding and internal steel structure.

Tools/Equipment Used: Oxy Kit, Boom Lift, Band Saw, Hand Tools such as knives, pinch bars, hammers, screw gun and general tools were used for unbolting works

Plants on Site: Genie Lift, Boom Lift, Scissor Lift

Special Protective Equipment: Apart from all the necessary PPE on site such as Hard Hats, Steel Capped Boots, Eye protection, ear protection and Hi Viz Vests, Special Harnesses will be used to harness skilled crew as they work on the Roof. Static lines were installed on the brick wall for harnessing onto.

Method of Removal:

This methodology outlines the working methods for the dismantling of the awning structure as shown below.


Site Establishment and Setup: Prior to commencement of the awning removal works, Footpath closures would have to be put in place from our client Richard Crookes. The truck with the skip bin was parked at the loading zone. There was no need for lane closure as all works could be performed within the footpath area.

Work Sequence: The work was carried out over 2 weekends. All works were done between 7am to 5pm. Noise was kept to a minimum until 9am.

In the first weekend i.e. the first two days, the exterior structure of the awning was completely stripped, including all down-pipes and redundant services inside it. The removal of the alucobond panels were done while working on Elevated platforms such as a boom lift or scissor lifts by our licensed crew with EWP tickets from either side of the awning. The panels were unscrewed and stripped using knives to cut the silicon bonding and a grinder. Perfect contracting crew were working on top of the awning while attached to static lines attached along the brick wall above the awning. This ensured the safety of our team members while they completed the work.


The dismantled alucobond panels were then lowered down using the EWP and placed in our skip bin for removal by our Hook Truck. The same work sequence followed until second day of the first weekend to completely strip-out the exterior cladding. Our team members carefully inspected everything after the strip-out, that there wasn’t any material hanging loosely from the awning structure, as there could be possible wind that could blow it off causing hazard on the streets.

In the second weekend, all the bare steel structure was safely demolished and removed. The steel structure of the awning was removed by unbolting as far as possible using oxy cutting and using grinders cut metal. The small cut out metal section was then be lowered using genie lifts from either sides to ensure there wasn’t any hazards or materials falling. All the cut out steel sections were then put in the truck and were tipped off site.


Extra works:

On the Level 5 we are currently removing the stairs on the northeast side of the building along Philip’s Street. We are using a demo saw to cut the stairs off the supporting wall and then jack hammering out the stairs step by step. For the hard to reach part of the stairs we used our 1.5t Excavator to give us extra reach and to ensure the safety of our team members.

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